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Welcome to PlanetBakery's Baklava.com!

We hope you enjoy your journey through the Planet's exclusive on-line bakery. If this is your first time here, be sure and visit us again soon because we plan on expanding our selection of the Planet's finest baklava pastries and baked goods!

Baked fresh daily our specialty pastry - Baklava (or Baklawa) is a Mediterranean delight made with the Planet's finest ingredients. Pistachios, walnuts, cashews, pine nuts, fillo dough, and pure butter are just some of the flavors you'll experience in a single bite of our baklava pastries.

We hand cut each pastry and order is filled to meet the product quantity. On occasion, we reserve the right to substitute ingredients or different pastries to ensure that the order quantity is met.

Weddings, Christmas parties, Hanukkah, bar mitzvahs, Eid celebration, special events, graduations, birthdays, retirement, picnics, and almost any get together needs the fabulous fillo treat - baklava!

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We private label and offer corporate bulk discounts.

We can also supply bakeries, delis, coffee bars, gift and specialty shops too. Having a wedding soon? How about serving baklava? We can create a custom packaging solution with specialized print just right for any event. Contact us at solutions@planetbakery.com and let us craft the perfect pastry for you!